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May 3, 2014 2:00am EDT
returned a few minutes ago from a breakfast with german chancellor merkel who was in town to reach -- meet with present moment secretary hagel and others. it's a very good thing that she is here and no doubt the conversation will center on these comments. tough issues, tough guy. ready for the challenge. educated at the university of nebraska on the g.i. bill and nebraska's record last season, football right it was 9-4 west of thing worse than the prior year's 11-3, ouch but a few touchdowns for u.s. policy right now would be a good thing. so to bring a smile to your face chuck we welcome you here and look forward to what you have to say. here is a scarf for the cornhuskers. go big red. please welcome chuck hagel the 24th secretary of defense. [applause] >> should i put that on for the presentation? jane, thank you. i'm always overwhelmed her company but now you have outdone yourself with the special nebraska cornhuskers scarf and by the way the cornhuskers will have a better season this year. thank you. thank you jane and thanks to the wilson center for what you continue to do for our cou
May 2, 2014 10:00pm EDT
you also very much and i've got to go to lunch with angola merkel. thank you. [applause] thank you guys. >> in the beginning of the war when we were pressed into it you are afraid of holding the gun that then when you enter the first battle and we fought and i shot somebody and killed somebody it does something to you so it's very difficult. as time went on it became easy. it became normalized. this is what happens. you normalize the situation so you can lift the weight is if you don't you actually died. defense secretary chuck hagel today spoke about the nato alliance its history and its relevance to the russia ukraine conflict. it's 40 minute talk is followed by a panel discussion on ukraine with former russian german and polish officials. >> in 1997 my daughter hillary and i have for hillary in my own family, then it presents senior majoring in politics pics nato as her thesis topic. she called her mom then in my third term in congress to get my assessment. so i had to really think about it. nato expansion have been agreed upon and in 1994 brussels declaration and there was real
May 2, 2014 12:00pm EDT
. >> live programming coming up today. german chancellor angela merkel is in washington today. earlier today she held a joint news conference with president obama and later, at 2:00 eattorney, chance her merkel will review the statement of german-u.s. relations at the u.s. chamber of commerce. 2:00 p.m. eastern, on our come papillon network, c-span. >> this weekend it's the annual white house correspondents dinner, entertainment provided by joel mchale from community. our coverage is 6 eastern time with red carpet arrivals filed by the dinner remarks. >> in the beginning of the war, you're pressed into it and afraid of holding the gun. when we win to the first battle and we fought and i shot somebody, killed somebody, it does something to you, and that so you start -- it's very difficult in the beginning but after time went on it became easy, it bake normalized, this word, and in the context of -- what happens if you normalize in the situation so you can live through it because if you don't, you die. >> one of 41 unique voices from 25 years of our book notes and q & a conversations. c-span,
Apr 28, 2014 10:30am EDT
. a lot of that was in reaction to some of these stories about, you know, eavesdropping on angela merkel. so that's, you know, some measure of accountability i guess you could say. but, you know, it certainly doesn't go as far as some would like, some reformers who want to see not just an end to the nsa's collection of phone metadata, but an end to all bulk collection by the intelligence community. they'd like to see a warrant requirement for searches of americans' communications in the program called prism. they'd like to see greater disclose enough of -- disclosure of what the other bulk collections are and greater transparency around the overseas collection which we're only now starting to learn a little bit more about. >> clearly, we could continue talking for a long time. there seems to be still many questions, and you can fill out those cards, again, with a question. we will answer those online after this event. i really would hope that you all continue to talk about this issue and, please, join me in thanking bart gellman, ellen nakashima, ashkan soltani and greg timberg for reall
Apr 27, 2014 2:04pm EDT
was of great interest to me because i just read that little quick in the china daily news about angela merkel not letting ping go to the holocaust site because of abe's position, and how much do they really dislake the japanese? >> the cold war line if your attacked by germany and russia, who do you shoot first? the answer was, germany, business before pleasure. not a very nice cold war story. >> ooh! >> that's hard to -- obviously these attitudes go way back and are very deep and action sir bait -- exacerbated by world war ii and nobody has been prepared to tell the entire truth about, forth ruthly in the region so it does have an overhang i think matters quite a lot. it means that the koreans and others are
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5